Car and truck wraps are an excellent marketing method. If your business has vehicles, why not take advantage of a mobile method of advertising that is seen by audiences day and night? Considered one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, studies have shown that wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions. Imagine the new customers you can reach by wrapping your vehicles across your city or around the country with branding and contact information for your business?

These mobile billboards generate 2.5 times more attention than a standard, static billboard. Not to mention, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily vehicular impressions. The best part? When properly cared for, these wraps can last up to five years, not only making them effective but also affordable. It is no wonder that so many small businesses across countless industries rely on car and truck wraps to serve as their greatest marketing tool. Businesses in the following industries have found car wraps and truck wraps serve them well:

HVAC services
Mobile pet grooming
Delivery services
Restaurants & Caterers
Pest control
Lawn care & Landscaping

Still not sure what a car or truck wrap is and if it’s right for your business’s vehicles? A vehicle wrap is a digitally printed mobile billboard printed on vinyl that is carefully installed on your vehicle by a professional without causing damage to your vehicle. A designer expert will help you design your car or truck wrap, print it using only the best materials, and then properly install it on as many vehicles as you need. These graphics can be custom-made and are sized for each vehicle so that it fits perfectly. We recommend the design is branded in line with all of your business’s other signage to communicate a clear message about your brand. 

Whether your business has one car or a fleet of trucks, it can be your next great advertising tool. The possibilities are endless when you can craft a custom-made vinyl car or truck wrap that reaches thousands and thousands of new potential customers.

We can help you design, create and install Car & Truck Wraps for your business today.

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